The Hague


April 8, 2020

Prime Minister Rutte at a Corona distance amid a delegation from the Hague Community of Churches

Photo Copyright Nia Palli

Prime Minister Mark Rutte included in the Order of the Teaspoon

During his visit to a delegation of the Hague Community of Churches (HGK) on April 8th. In the Catholic Church of St. James, Prime Minister Mark Rutte has been included in the Order of the Teaspoon. The chairman of the HGK, Ad van der Helm, believes that he is eligible for this: ‘not because you are Prime Minister, but because, in addition to your work, you visit all kinds of groups of people who keep society going in this crisis. . We value this interest very much and consider it a contribution to the recovery of our society and thus to peace in our society.’

From the secretary, Margriet Quarles van Ufford, he received the second spoon to hand out. The Prime Minister immediately pinned the spoon on (visible in the group photo). He wanted to know the story behind it: he had already seen the spoon on a number of participants in the conversation and wondered what this could be the sign of. He was inspired by it.

​Ad van de Helm, chairman of the HGK​