Orde van het Theelepeltje - Lepel wit staand


In accordance with the requirements set for an ANBI, the proceeds from the sale of badges will fully benefit peace activities undertaken by the Hague Peace Initiative.

Orde van het Theelepeltje - Lepel wit staand

Silver plated teaspoon pin

€ 1,- a piece

What could be more fun than giving someone you appreciate, for whatever reason, a lasting and affordable sign of your appreciation! That is why we have designed a badge, a heavy silver plated teaspoon pin, with which you can make your appreciation for, and/or connection with someone tangible! The badge is 3 cm long and is intended to be worn on a lapel or collar.

Solid silver badge

€ 50,- a piece

For very special occasions or people a solid silver badge that can be supplied as a pendant, pin or stud. This design is a unique design for the Order of the Teaspoon. The badge is handmade. The badge is €50 each, regardless of version.
Delivery time can be up to 3 weeks.

Gift packaging with leaflet

€ 1,20 a piece

The front of the leaflet shows a comic strip about how the teaspoon works. There is space for handwritten message on the back. The inside shows the following text: ​

Thank you very much for your kindness. It did me good. That’s why I’m giving you this pin. Wear it as a sign that you connect people and thus fulfill the ideal of the Order. Give yourself a pin to someone who is nice to you. In this way, more and more people are finding each other who want to contribute to a society in which everyone can feel at home.

​The standard package inserts are available in the following languages: Dutch, French, German, English, Arabic, Chinese and Bahasa Indonesia. There is room for a handwritten message on the back of the leaflet.

You can also have your own text and/or logo placed on the package leaflets for €5. Delivery time at least 1 week.